History Of Human Intelligence And Artificial Intelligence

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The history of human culture is a continuous development of the social world and the natural world. Their identity is realized through the system of signs and symbols. The symbolic signification of a wide range of cultural events and facilities helps in streamlining human living space in all periods of its development and existence. Signs and symbols are one of the most meaningful concepts in culture. They represent a universal category, which implies a juxtaposition of the objective image and its deeper meaning. Every symbol has an aesthetic information, which, in turn, has a huge number of degrees of freedom, exceeding the capabilities of human perception. One of the most vivid symbols of human culture is body modification such as tattooing and piercing, which have a long lasting history, deep socio-cultural roots, and certain health risks.
Historical Roots
Signs and symbols are a unique phenomenon in the world history. Professor David D. Nolte, in a book on human intelligence and artificial intelligence, states, “the feature that most distinguishes human intelligence from that of other animals is our sophisticated manipulation of signs to represent our world” (43). These words echo with the English philosopher Lady Welby-Gregory’s opinion, carefully defined by Italian semiologist Augusto Ponzio:
The logical capacity of signifying, of interpreting, of discriminating between the multiply meanings of the sign is that which distinguishes man from the rest of the animal…
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