History Of Human Services At The World

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History of Human Services
Bradley Amo
HHS 201-Introduction to Human Services
Instructor Roche

History of Human Services
Human services in the world is a very important duty to perform since, there are many programs that are not being funded by governments and so many people are living in poverty around the world that simply cannot afford human service help. However, it is the responsibility of the human service worker to try and help those in need that are not able to afford services and provide the necessary treatment that they are lacking. Although, human services in Western cultures play an important part in the helping relationship in which many factors have influenced the ability and willingness to help society members. Meanwhile, there are many societal circumstances that shape helping behaviors in which reciprocity is an important aspect of human service work since, caring and giving services to those in need is the main focus in the field. Indeed, the different cycles of helping in the American society as they relate to welfare, juvenile justice, mental illness, and criminal justice are not getting enough help they need as many of the grants go to the middle class and rich instead of the poorer population. Therefore, the meaning of human services has a very broad range of duties and responsibilities which are very difficult to perform when many human service programs are not being funded and are letting human service workers go just to keep the
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