History Of International Paper Company

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1. History of International Paper Company International Paper Company was incorporated January 31, 1898, upon the merger of 18 pulp and paper mills in the northeastern United States. Its founders and first two presidents were William Augustus Russell and Hugh J Chisholm. The newly formed company supplied 60 percent of all newsprint in the country. Through many changes it has become one of the largest producers of paper and paper products and had facilities in twenty-four countries. The company now manufactures plastic lids and paper cups for fast-food giants like McDonald 's, Wendy 's and Subway. They also produce printer and copier paper, envelopes, corrugated packaging and shipping containers, consumer packaging for cosmetics and home entertainment. International Paper has made advantageous changes to stay competitive and profitable in the industry and to reduce their carbon footprint on the environment as times and conditions have changed. 2. The Growing Momentum to Introduce Sustainability to the Modern Corporation. Global leaders are making a turn toward sustainability and thus lessening their carbon footprint on the environment. One such company which has joined in the global change toward sustainability is International Paper Company. Paper companies have long been criticized for the harm done to the environment. Environmentalists have criticized paper companies for years because of the pollution from their manufacturing
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