History Of Joint Stock Company With Limited Responsibility For Development And Sales Of Application Software

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The Company Status of the Company Joint-Stock Company with limited responsibility for development and sales of application software, information engineering, import/export of software solutions and marketing. Company 's Objectives Objectives are qualitative and quantitative strategic targets, while goals are specific targets to be reached in order to realize strategic objectives. Some objectives can be measured in terms of achievement at some future period, while others will always persist. Objectives differ in term of content and the extent to which they are specific, but all have two common things: they express desired ends to be achieved, and they are expressed as formal company 's aims. There are different levels and types of…show more content…
These in turn will give direction to functional goals. It is difficult to rank specified goals in order of importance, because that depend on the stage of company 's growth, situation the company is in, product/market strategy, etc. Both, objectives and goals will be shaped and updated each year. The Mission Statement This mission statement is a projection of the central concepts on which the Company is based. We are in the knowledge intensive software industry, and our field of competition is: * Application software in business (management) category is our core business and always will be. * Other application software and other businesses related to our core business will be developed over the time to maintain our market position and status as a growth company. Overall Our goals are to: * Become and to stay one of the leading suppliers of products, in any category in which company chose to compete, but mainly in business category on PC platforms. * Grow to full potential, nationally and internationally. * Constantly improve our company, employees, technology, processes, products and services. Products Our goals are to: * Build and maintain reputation for the highest quality products and services in the business software category, and in any category in which company appear on market. * Rely on creativity, innovation and implementation
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