History Of Managed Care And Health Maintenance Organizations

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Those of us who have served in the Military a very familiar with managed care, we may not totally understand the concept of managed cared but are recipients of it daily. Unless there is a heated political debate about health care reform we usually don’t worry about health care reform. Health care cost is not something that we worry about; after all the government takes care of all our medical needs, even when we are seen out on the economy. The only time we might the troubles of health cost might visit our door steps occur when family members decided to see an out of network provider, we are them held accountable for paying medical bills. What I failed to realize during my time on active duty, Tricare is just another form of a managed care program. In this essay we will explore the history of managed care and Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs). Additional, we’ll take a look at how managed came about, and the future of managed care and health care reform in the U.S.
What is managed care and where did it come from? According to Medicaid. Gov, “managed care is a health care delivery system organized to managed cost, utilization, and quality” (Medicaid.gov, 2014). The begins of managed care can be dated back to 1910, consumers paid $.50 a month for medical care. During this time there weren’t checks and balances nor were there governing agency to ensure equal care to control health care cost. 20 years later Dr. Michael Shadid led farmers in the establishment of a

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