History Of Medicare Part B Reimbursement

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Informational Update Vol. 8 #5 Hi everyone! Hope all is well. Here is some important information: 1. Medicare Part B Reimbursements. You should have received an email from the CSA Retiree Chapter informing you that from now on, the Office of Labor will be issuing both the Medicare Part B standard and the IRMAA reimbursements within the same calendar year: the standard reimbursement in June and the Income-Related Monthly Adjustment (IRMAA) in October. Consequently, according to the Office of Labor Relations (OLR), the 2016 Part B standard amount will be reimbursed this month while 2016 IRMAA will be reimbursed in October 2017. Remember, everyone who was on 2016 Medicare is eligible for the standard reimbursement. This reimbursement will…show more content…
According to the CSA Welfare Fund it is covered, providing the helper comes from a licensed home care agency and you have a doctor’s prescription. The benefit is the same as for a home health aide. After $100 annual deductible, you are reimbursed 80% of the cost up to a maximum of $8,000 annually, lifetime limit of $24,000. The CSA Retiree Chapter will also reimburse you 15% of the Fund’s payment. Keep in mind that you may choose not to reach the $8,000 limit in a given year. In that case, what remains rolls over to the following year. When you seek reimbursement for the helper, you will have to complete a Home Health Aide form. You may download the form from the Fund’s website, www.CSAwf,org. You do not have to apply for the additional 15% as you will receive it automatically in a separate check after you receive the Fund’s payment. 3. Wellness Visit. If you are on Medicare for more than 12 months, you are entitled to what is known as a “Wellness” visit free of charge. This visit is an annual benefit and takes place at your family doctor. The wellness visit is not your normal full body health exam. It is intended to develop, or update if this isn’t your first wellness visit, a personalized health plan based on your current health status. You should take advantage of this benefit as it can help lower your health risks. What is done at a wellness visit? According to the official Medicare website, it lists the following: 
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