History Of New Testament Times From The Birth Of Jesus

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1. Give an overview of the history of New Testament times (from the birth of Jesus to the writing of the books).
To understand the New Testament one must pay attention to the historical context of the world and times these events were written. In the Roman Empire, importance must be placed on the corresponding worlds of the Roman Jews and the Roman Christians of that time. Jewish history provides a rich backdrop for the New Testament, which is set in the Second Temple Period starting from the reconstruction of the Jerusalem temple at the end of the Babylonian exile and finishing with the destruction of the temple by the Romans in 70 CE.
Jesus was born as the centre of human civilisation. At Birth, he was part of God’s Plan in the incarnation of Christ. He lived in this era as a Jewish man in Palestine and interacted with Pharisees, experts in Jewish Law, rules and regulations, the Scribes who were in charge of all rituals, and Sadducees. Jesus was born approximately 6BC to 30AD. Growing up, his public ministry spanned three years. Other Jewish groups in Palestine at this time were Essenes, Zealots, Herodians and Samaritans. Relationships with Jews including Gentiles were strained. The Gentiles are important in later parts of the New Testament as the Mediterranean world gets more prominence compared to Palestine.
The New Testament world and the Roman world was signified by great inequality economically with Jews and Gentiles concerned about the maintenance of honour and

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