History Of Retro Back 1970 ( Rb70 )

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Introduction Retro Back 1970 (RB70) is the newest hair care product of the Johnson Product line. The Johnson Product hair line of products was well known in the 1970’s for having the best products for African-Americans. Johnson Products had two divisions in their hair line. One was Ultra Sheen, the other was the natural hair line marketed as Afro-Sheen. The slogan was, soul food for the natural. However, there is not a lot of statistical data to support what is known. The sale of relaxers is on the decline. Since hair maintenance is not optional, it is safe to assume that if relaxers are on the decline, then natural hair products are on the rise. This is a booming market. The research firm Mintel estimates the total sale of Black hair products totaled $2.7 billion in 2015. (Mintel, 2016) RB70, the new perspective, is the organic hair line that has been designed with concerns of hair ingredients and health in mind. The research team is composed of cosmetic chemists, and highly trained trichologists to ensure the best, and safest products are produced. The marketing department will be working with Ashley Webelhuth to establish our brand. In addition, business analysts have been interviewed, a team of business analyst have been organized to move forward. The analyst will bring their expertise from other companies. The team of business analysts come from various backgrounds. Business analytics will be used to gather data. This data will include, demographics,

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