History Of Rock & Roll Isn 't Close On Being A Perfect Story

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It 's fascinating how progression can be traced back to a beginning point in any field. The history of Rock & Roll isn 't close to being a perfect story. Along with the history of our country, the beginning is distasteful and gloomy. As we travel back to earlier times, the slave trade is the starting block to the genre "Blues". As time goes on like moving forward in a song, different events unfold leading to the inspiration that created the later of music genre 's. Through these events we get a glimpse on how inspiration effected the dance, genres, cover controversies, civil right movement, Motown & Stax that became to be. Like any story, there is a beginning, which to start from.
The slave trade took place between the 15th century and
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But, inside the homes of slave owners, slaves for musical entertainment purposes were taught to play instruments. As events unravel, the beginning of blues takes shape.
With the creation of music there comes dance along with it. This dancing brings freedom a step forward and allows for individual expression. In the 18th and 19th century we begin to see the social effect of suppression. You can only imagine what it would be like to be a slave and what the effects would have had upon your psych. A way to let it all out on top of song is dance. The dance that becomes to be really expressed how they were feeling. This was also a way to keep a part of who they are still in tack, keeping thy self close to heritage was and still is crucial. Today 's depiction of the dance that took place then is a slow step by step/twisting dance. This motion personifies a sad person. Also, the conditions were harsh and the labor was back breaking. From their heritage though, their song and dance that originated from Africa had a very different kind of vibe. African Folk music which was mainly played by drums which had an expression of energy & togetherness. The drums there could be a representation of their hearts. They enjoyed life, lived at a fast rhythm with time flying by. In America, time went slow, the work and the slavery conditions bogged everything down. With dance, they were able to keep close to what was formally
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