History Of Roman And Greek Architecture

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Roman and Greek architecture is something to be revered. It is fascinating that people lacking the advanced technology we have today could create monuments of such magnitude and perfection. Commonly, these temples were built to worship and honor deities, and so they must be built pristine. Although the Romans sometimes cut corners when it came to materials in order to remain economic, they definitely didn’t cut any when it came to scale and appearance. Many early civilizations recycled styles and materials from previous civilizations and monuments, the Romans in particular, and created their own styles and temples. It only makes sense that people still do this from time to time. There was a boom in Classical Revival style in the United…show more content…
Inside the front entrance, the hallway that circles the rear of the large auditorium has coffered low ceilings and classical columns. The main corridor floor was of marble; the other hall floors were of quarter-sawed oak; and the classroom floors were made of hard maple. Most of the toilet and shower rooms were finished in tile, marble and porcelain. Noticeably, marble was used throughout the building, definitely referencing classical architecture since marble was a very expensive material that was commonly used in the construction and decor of Roman and Greek Temples. Approaching the building from the East, one is immediately struck by an obvious air of superiority and timeless influence. An admirer from below is almost dwarfed by the sheer strength it emits. The school stands above a tiered seating stadium that steeps sharply towards the East entrance leaving your central focus on the building that looms proud over the stadium. Trost must have derived the style of the half circle stadium from theatres such as the one built in Epidaurus Greece by Polykletos the younger in 350 BC. The function of the tiered seating in the Greek theater was to make sure that even the softest sounds from the performance could reach the people seated at the very far top
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