History Of Sexual Crimes

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This paper will mainly discuss sexual crimes. It will explain the differences about various sexual crimes. It will also go into detail about sexual crimes that revolve around men, women, and children. It will also talk about the history of sex crimes, along with some of the different types of sexual crimes committed. This paper will provide explanations as to what these sexual crimes are in their nature. Sexual offenses are serious crimes that occur more than that should. There are a wide range of victims from male and female children to male and female teens to young adults attending college to adults. Many people have to deal with the results of these sexual offenses. This paper will also discuss the transition of child sexual assault…show more content…
Sexual offenses have happened for a long as people have been around. According to Derek Logue, sex crimes can be dated as far back as 1880 AD and even further back to the days of the bible (2012). Depending of the nature and severity of the crime committed there were many ways the offender could be punished (Logue, 2012). Logue stated that on page 12 of a book written by Philip Jenkins, it was found that the Middle Ages were to some extent an influence on sexual crimes (2012). In the days of the bible the offenders who chose to commit sexual crimes where seen simply as sinners that had turned away from God. They were seen as unholy or unclean and sexual immoral. Sexual crimes weren’t really that widely recognized until the 1800’s (Logue, 12, para 7). When it finally became a more public matter females victims were the most talked about. Even to this day, Jack the Ripper is one of the most well-known acts of sexual violence ever committed. In 2012, Logue mentioned that this is one of the cases that was brought to the public’s attention that led to this becoming a more well know crime in the media. People started to become more aware of these crimes and became “fascinated” will serial killers and sexual offenders. As a result of this stereotypes about sexual offenders where created (Logue, 2012). There are many people who believe that these sexual crimes are a direct violation to our…show more content…
There are four major eras that deal with sex offender laws. They are the Progressive Era from the 1800 to1935, the Sexual Psychopath Era which was from the 1930 to 1955, the Liberal Era occurred from the 1950’s to 1980, and finally the Containment Era which was from the 1980’s to the present (Logue, 2012). Logue stated that in the Progressive Era sexual abuse of children became the focus as it had shown to be the leading form of sexual crimes and as a result there were some of the first laws passed against it in 1894 (2012). In 1896 females became the leading victims of these crimes and as a result it was proved that victims of sexual violence experience some sort of trauma (Logue, 2012). From 1908 to 1916 there was a spike in sexual crimes and serial killing which led to the creation of the Bureau of Investigation, which is now known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation or the “FBI” for short. In 2012 Logue stated that series of movements that helped to create the FBI were called the Mann Act, they protested against involuntary prostitution and white slavery. Also from 1925 the death penalty was allowed to given as a sentence for rape charges (Logue,
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