History Of Singapore Airline, A Global Commerce, Financial And Transportation Hub

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History of Singapore Airline Singapore not only known as a global commerce, financial and transportation hub, but also the second smallest country in Asia. Over the last two decades, if a question asks to name one of the best knows global brand in Singapore. No surprised to see the answer will most likely to be Singapore Airline. From a little regional airline operated with a twin engine airspeed consul into one of the world most respected travel brands and cargo carriers that consistently ranks amongst the world’s top 10 airlines, Singapore Airline has come a long way since founded in 1972. Fleet and Air network Started with 6000 staffs, 10 aircraft that flies to 18 counties from the very beginning to nowadays, Singapore Airline flies…show more content…
The new flights will be operated by Boeing 777-200s with a total of 266 seat and scheduled to operate four times a week from Singapore and connect to both Australia and New Zealand capitals. The Return flights will be on a Wellington – Canberra - Singapore routing. Type of service and revenue As being a market leadership and cost-effective operators, Singapore Airline not only operate services such as passenger and cargo air transportation via Singapore to the primary cities around the world, but also offer cabin crew, ground positions and pilots training, engineering services and so on and so forth. Moreover, Singapore Airline is one of the most profitable airline among its major competitors within Asia during the global recession of 2015. According to the annual report of 2014/2015 from Singapore Airline, it has a revenue of $15,566 million US dollar with 18,737 thousand passengers carried while its major competitors Japan Airlines Co. LTD and Cathay Pacific Airway LTD have $11,912 and $13,646 million US dollar with 39,437 and 31,570 thousand passengers carried, respectively. Strong reputation and brand building management Unlike others airline, Singapore airline more likely to focus on reputation and brand building primarily from the early start. Since Singapore is a very small island with a really low

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