History Of Southwest Airlines By Rollin King And Herb Kelleher

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Southwest Airlines was incorporated on March 15, 1967, in Texas as Air Southwest Co. by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. At the time, Southwest Airlines had a fleet of three Boeing 737 aircraft serving Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. Southwest Airlines Founder Herb Kelleher had faith that by operating within Texas, the airline could escape from federal regulation. According to SWA, on February 21, 1968, Braniff, Trans-Texas and Continental Airlines attained a provisional restraining order from a District Court forbidding the Texas Aeronautics Commission (TAC) from delivering SWA Certificate. On May 13, 1970, the Texas Supreme Court unanimously votes to overturn the lower courts ' findings and rules in favor of Air Southwest (SWA, History by Date, (1)). Conclusively, on December 07, 1970, the United States Supreme Court denies appeal by Braniff and Texas International (TI) of Texas Supreme Court decision (1).
Eventually, Air Southwest Co. changed its name to Southwest Airlines. On that same day, SWA was offered three 737-200s by Boeing. During 1971, southwest airlines began scheduled flights from Dallas to Houston and San Antonio with a $20 one-way fares. In Addition, on July 09, 1972, southwest introduced "Executive Class Service" fares with a fare increase and complimentary cocktails. On the other hand, on October 01, 1974, SWA introduced a new uniform for their Flight Attendant, consisting of an orange blouse with white dots, an orange hot pants and an aviator

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