History Of Special Needs Provision In Ireland

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History of Special Needs Provision in Ireland
Swan (2000) described special needs education in Ireland in three phases, the neglect and denial, the special needs school and the integration or inclusion.
The national Education System was first set up in 1831 making it compulsory for all children from age six to fourteen. By 1892 children had to go to school for 150 days in the year. At this time the government only seen children with special needs as being purely medical, and that it wasn’t necessary for special needs to get an education. Children with special needs lived in hospitals and county homes at this time, however some religious-run special needs schools were set up at the time for example in 1946 the school for deaf girls was
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Complex impairments include autism and fragile x syndrome
Epilepsy is recurrent and unprovoked. The human brain is the source of human epilepsy and seizures affect any part of the body how long the seizure last and how much of the brain is affected has profound affects and all factors determine the character of a seizure and the impact on the individual.(www.epilepsy.com)
Signs and symptoms
There are different types of seizures that last from a few seconds to
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