History Of The Agency. Wesley Glen Was Established In 1984

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HISTORY OF THE AGENCY Wesley Glen was established in 1984 by Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church to services adults with developmental disabilities. They provided serves that allow each an individual to develop life skills, confidence and help to become a contributing member of their surrounding community. A group of Christians felt it in their heart that it was important to improve individuals with developmental disabilities lives, by strengthening barriers and raising awareness within the community. The United Methodist Church wanted to provide a home environment and continuum program that would not make individuals with developmental disabilities feel like outsiders in their own communities. They want to provide a homey…show more content…
Wesley believes that if basic needs are meet then individuals can developed to their full potential. Wesley Glen is a person center agency who even offers counseling to their individual to make sure their goal are being met. Like existential therapy Wesley Glen tries to help individuals find meaning and purpose in their lives. Wesley Glen focuses on integrating individuals into the community and helping them form strong relationships with the community and God through the Church. The Organization was built by the United Methodist Church to help families and people with a disability. The organization ideas are to strengthen relationships from trust among the community letting every individual rather disabled or not feel that they are welcomed, loved and like they are contributing factor to their community. OVERVIEW OF SERVICES PROVIDED Wesley Glen Services are offered to adults 18 years of age or older, “Wesley Glen owns and maintains ten group homes and 1 apartment in Macon, one home in St. Marys, a twelve-unit apartment complex in Douglas, two homes in Lyons, two homes in Jesup, and 4 host homes. For the current residents in Macon and St. Marys according to,” (Wesleyglenministries.com, 2017). They also provide programs and services, such as individual Service Plans and supported employment helping the individuals the serve find jobs and other helpful resources in their community. They provide a

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