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History of the Army Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) History of the Army Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) The Army NCOs have played vital roles in shaping the country’s history since 1775. The legacy for the NCO is genuinely full of customs and traditions. Senior Enlisted Leaders should understand the history of the NCO because the successes of the military define American history. This paper will cover the history of the Army NCO, contributions, and evolution of the Army NCO. History An NCO is referred as a military officer who is yet to earn a commission. The history of the NCO began during early 1775 after the inception of the Continental Army (Arms, 2007). The concept came about following the blueprint of the…show more content…
In 1829, The Army published its first manual on Infantry Tactics. This manual formalized the role of the NCO and established the first training program to equip them with the necessary Soldiering Skills of this time period. The manual detailed that the SGM was responsible for educating seasoned SGTs and Corporals while newly promoted SGTs and CPLs were educated by the First Sergeant (Department of War, 1829). With this formal doctrine established the NCO would apply those skills to future military combat operations. Contributions Today, the NCO is a pertinent division of the U.S. Army with unparalleled contributions. The NCOs took part in some of the most defining moments in American History. Precisely, they participated in all major wars and conflicts. On the battlefield, the NCOs served to bridge the gaps stemming from casualties and encouraged the men to fight harder. Today’s NCO is the “Backbone’ of the Army, whose contributions cannot be ignored. NCOs like Sergeant Elijah Churchill who received distinct recognition for acts of bravery and heroism during the American Revolution to Master Sergeant Gary Gordon and Sergeant First Class Randy Shughart who received Medal of Honor for actions in Somali (Willbanks, 2011). Apart from being reminiscent of the genesis of the fight a revolution, this topic helps to acknowledge some of the major contributors to the American history. Their struggle, determination, perseverance and patriotism have

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