History Of The CIA

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The Central Intelligence Agency better known as the CIA is one of the most important members of the United States intelligence community. It is a civilian foreign intelligence service which task is to process and analyze security information from around the world, using human intelligence. The United States have been using intelligence services since George Washington. However, it was not until World War II that this service became government basis. The CIA were formed after the collapse of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) a war agency which was the counterpart of the CIA during the war. Post WWII President Harry S.Truman realized the need of a centralized intelligence service. In 1947, Truman sign the national security act where the CIA was officially established.
The early times of the newly founded CIA was when the Soviet Union tried their first atomic bomb in 1949 which became a threat to the United States interest and other war surviving Western European countries that were still recovering from the war. The CIA’s main goal during that time was
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Together with the help of other agencies of the Intelligence Community the information about the compound was being collected since it was discovered a year before in August 2010. Many source of intelligence led to the estimation that Bin Laden was hiding there, protected by two of his closest accomplices. The attack on the compound was approved by President Barack Obama on April 29th 2011. The military raid was led by a small team of special operation forces to minimize structural damages and not hurt Pakistan civilians around the area. On May 2nd, 2011 a United States military raid entered an al-Qaida compound in Pakistan were the Americas most wanted terrorist was
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