Essay History Of The ECCE Sector In Ireland

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History of the ECCE sector in Ireland.

Early care and education practice.

8th January 2015.

Table of contents.

History of ECEC in Ireland.

Free pre-school year programme.

UN convention on the rights of the child (1989).

Pre-school regulations.

ECEC services currently available in Ireland.

Occupations within the childcare sector.

Childcare manager.

A career plan.

Challenges to achieving goals.

Education and training needs.


In this assignment I will outline and discuss the Historical Development of the ECEC sector in Ireland.
ECEC is the Early Childhood Education and Care division in Ireland.
I will give a clear explanation of the rights of a child in the
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Quality of provision was the key theme of the White Paper.
In 2002 the Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education was established. CECDE aimed to achieve the goals set out in the ready to learn (1999). The organisation was disbanded in 2008, when it was seen by the government to have achieved everything it was set up to do.
The Child Care (Pre-School) regulations were established in 2006. The regulations clearly list all the requirements that must be met by organisations or individuals providing ECEC services to children aged 0-6.
Síolta was established in 2006. The Síolta framework was developed by CECDE in a process that took over three years and involved more than 50 different organisations representing childcare workers, teachers, parents, policymakers and researchers. Síolta aims to define, asses and support the improvement of quality across all aspects of practice in ECEC settings that cater for children ages 0-6.
Aistear was established in 2009. In 1999, the NCCA published the Primary School Curriculum, which did direct and regulate the curriculum followed in infant classes. In 2009, the NCCA published Aistear. The ultimate aim of Aistear is the development of the whole child.

Free Pre-School Year Programme.
In 2010, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs introduced the Free Pre-School Year in Early Childhood Care and Education Programme. Before this, it was only children in disadvantaged areas
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