History Of The Hells Angels

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History of the Hells Angels The Hells Angels were originally a band of military aircrafts that flew over the skies of Europe during the Second World War. The men that served in the Hells Angels were some of the most prestigious and recognized pilots in the history of the military. However, the name now associates itself with one of the most infamous biker gangs that was established by San Bernardino back in 1948. The name has been so tarnished since, that once we hear it, all that we can think about is motorcycles, drugs, alcohol, guns and violence. It began as an idea where motorcycle enthusiast would join together and care for one another at the initial indication of trouble such as a family would. The leaders of the club would recruit prospects and evaluate over a large period of time to determine whether or not they would stand by their new brothers and forever support the organization. Over the years as the Hell’s Angels continue to expand, they found themselves on the antithetical side of the law for numerous reasons. Furthermore, with their growth they found that the ties to the organization itself were strengthening to the point of which if any affiliate of the Hell’s Angels experiences an encounter the Criminal Justice System, every single Angel is anticipated to provide aid in some fashion. This can range from acquiring bail money for the individual or employing a legal professional to combat the charges. The ideology of family is the foundation upon which the
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