History Of The Russian States Summary

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History of the Russian states
The chapter talks about Russia’s history and their failures and what ought to be done to bring order in Russia. This history is a description of various historical events in Russia including various leaders and their historical events and failures. This history is communicated in the form of a poem. The poet crafted the piece lamenting of various leaders who took leadership in Russia and never brought order. The persona that was used by the poet to communicate his ideas and message shows how Russian land is fertile and rich of useful resources. The persona at some instance calls for the foreigners to come to their land and bring order. "They say the German's liberal….We'll shower you with silver, of which
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The chapter looks into various civilizations in the world. The world during this century was characterized by various civilization activities. The chapter looks at civilization I various aspects which include technologies that were used for various economic activities in various parts of the world as well as political development in this century. The chapter further looks keenly looks into the civilization in various parts of the world. The chapter looks at various aspects of the diverse economies of the world. The economic activities in the world at this century included mining in China and other parts of the world, pastoral communities of both Asia and West Africa. At the beginning of the chapter, we are introduced to the current perspective of Christopher Columbus as opposed to the praise he was accorded in the nineteenth century (Bontrager pg., 500). He, therefore, contributed to civilization and the movement of slaves from various parts of the world to America.
After reading this chapter and especially where the author mentions Columbus, I learnt about the insight into civilization in America where Columbus was at its center as it is recorded in history that he was the discoverer of America. The knowledge that I gained after reading this chapter further helped me to understand how civilization occurred in various parts of the world and particularly the settlement and technological advancement

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