History Of The United Arab Emirates

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United Arab Emirates (UAE) is well known for being one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Their wealth only partly contributed to developing their economy, society, and military, but their culture still mainly comes from their government and geography. With the majority of their population concentrated on the coast, UAE has a history of trading and interacting with other countries that helped evolve their society to what it is today. Since the beginning of their oil industry, UAE’s economy has dramatically changed and they are continuously looking for other sources of income to avoid solely depending on the oil revenue. UAE has established itself as a loyal ally to the United States with its military coalition actions. As…show more content…
For example when the president selects a new prime minister, the supreme council has to approve that candidate. When there is new proposed legislation it has to be examined by the Supreme Council, Council of Ministers (also known as the cabinets), and the Federal Nation Council to ensure that it is approved by all of the parties. UAE’s government has been the foundation to their economic success. For many years, the Emiratis economy depended mainly on fishing and pearl diving. It was not until they began looking into oil production that the economy’s growth “… was hugely accelerated by the discovery and export of oil in 1962. So much so that lifestyles in the Emirates today bear little or no resemblance to those of 50 years ago.” (“UAE Culture & Heritage,” 2017). Now the UAE is one of the largest petroleum and natural gas producers in the world. Their revenue allowed them to improve their cities infrastructures. It wasn’t until 2008 and 2009 when oil prices dropped causing a crisis in real estate and international banking that had a tremendous impact on UAE’s economy. Since then UAE’s government has increased spending on job creations and infrastructure to provide the country with more than one source of income and to avoid an economic disaster. Many people from across the world come to visit UAE’s beautiful tourist attraction, and now tourism is their country’s largest revenue. As a
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