Three Little Pigs Essay

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he three little pigs once upon time there were little pigs name Honey, Brown sugar and maple . The three little pigs lived in a small house on top of a hill.The house was made out of sticks and glue. They loved each each other very much . Honey is oldest out of all three of them . She’s playful, bossy and kind. Brown Sugar is the middle piglet . he’s is just like honey but more playful and immature. Maple the youngest and more serious , smart, educated piglet Maple stays to herself and don't pay attention what honey and brown sugar be doing. One day the three little pigs got into a heated argument about how the house is small and how much space they don't have . So they all made the decision to leave and build their own house…show more content…
Honey and Brown sugar didn't believe it . So they started dancing and singing . They felt that they were untouchable that full moon was not going to eat them because they lived on top of a hill. But what they did not know is the things that they made their house out of was full moon favorite things to eat and play in . Full moon heard a lot of singing and dancing on top of a hill. So it made full moon run up the hill to see what they was going on on top of the hill. As full moon started to run up the hill. He seen honey and brown sugar dancing and singing. Maple stayed in the house cause he took everything serious what anybody says to him or what the village will say if there is any bad villains coming through their ton . Honey and brown sugar ran to their house . Full moon ran through Honey mud house and played and dance in honey demolish mud house . Honey ran as fast as she could to brown sugar house . but full moon had a empty stomach and ate brown sugar home . Honey and brown sugar were panicking and didn't know what to do . so they ran to Maple house and begged and begged for maple to let them in , so maple did. Full moon seen that honey and brown sugar went inside maple house. So he ran as fast as he could
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