History Of Uniforms : The United States

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HISTORY OF UNIFORMS -- THE UNITED STATES School uniforms were first implemented in the early 1900s and were used for the schooling of minorities, specifically Native American women (Dussel, 2006). In 1996, the US Department of Education reported that only three percent of public schools mandated uniforms. As a result of the belief that uniforms make schoolrooms more orderly and disciplined, President Clinton encouraged schools to adopt uniforms (Gentile et al.,2012). Shortly after, uniforms were widely adopted in urban communities to counterbalance students wearing gang colors or being identified as poor. Since urban communities have often been stigmatized with narratives that are colored by violence, many of the current research studies associated with uniforms focus on the relationship between uniforms and misbehaviors, attendance, and teacher retention. In a longitudinal study on discipline and school police data, researchers found that school referrals were down thirty-three percent from the previous year when students did not wear uniforms. (Sanchez, et al.,2012). This quantitative research study did a wonderful job of getting a sufficient amount of personal student opinions on the usage of uniforms through a self-report survey. The study illuminates the distaste that students have for school uniforms .Sanchez (2012) conveyed that eighty percent of students reported that they disliked or strongly disliked wearing uniforms. Moreover, students also shared that bullying,
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