History Of Woodford Reserve

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The state of Kentucky has long been known for its versatility in alcohol, and bourbon is no exception. Popularity in all types of bourbon is on the rise across the United States, and this directly impacts the state of Kentucky in part due to ninety-five percent of all bourbon being produced here in the state (Dickson, 2011). However, with the current economic boom, the bourbon industry is seeing trends it has never seen before. One of the most popular brands in bourbon currently is Woodford Reserve. Woodford Reserve Distillery is located in Versailles, Kentucky and has become one of the most widely known bourbons from this alcohol crazed state. They even have their own club called the Woodford Reserve Club and is located in
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Former first lady of Kentucky, Jane Beshear, is one of the founding members of the organization Bourbon Women, which is one of the first women drinking clubs in the country. Beshear claims that women have always been a key factor in the development of bourbon in Kentucky (Minnick, 2013). This is not the case for the rest of the country where bourbon is not such a pivotal factor in the state's economy. However, women are beginning to acquire a taste for bourbon according to Robert DeGrange, owner of Nashville’s Whiskey Kitchen. “We see more of the younger demographic, as well as more females, starting to branch out and try bourbons straight as well as in signature cocktails,” states DeGrange. This could be due to producers such as Woodford Reserve beginning to target women. Two ways companies have begun to target women include:

Production of flavored bourbons such as vanilla, caramel, cherry, peach, honeysuckle and many more
Producing more feminine labels that appeal to women
Lightening up on the percent of alcohol in women-marketed drinks

Like the production of flavored Vodka, these two changes had major impacts on female purchases and consumption (Minnick, 2013). Furthermore, sooner rather than later, women will play a much larger role in the demographics of the typical Woodford Reserve consumer.

Changing the Culture of Marketing to Women

Bourbon producers targeting women is a relatively new marketing strategy, especially for
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