History Of Yemen

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Yemen is a middle eastern country that is mostly a hot and arid desert, with some high mountainous areas. The Yemini population is predominantly Arab with Sunni and Shi’a Muslim religious beliefs. The country has a population of 26 million with a geographical size of 204,000 square miles. The country is situated between Oman and Saudi Arabia, bordering the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea, and the Gulf of Aden. (nationsonline, n.d.) Yemen is a country whose roots date back tens of thousands of years. What was once a very powerful and prosperous country in it’s early years, is now a war torn political and economic disaster. Peace and stability, is nowhere in sight for this Arab nation, the political conflict and corruption has resulted in an…show more content…
Although Yemen’s government has never really been strong, its main problems started with rallies and demonstrations against their President at that time. These demonstrations were fueled by the dislike for the highly corrupt Yemeni government along with their high unemployment rates and deteriorating economy. (Central intelligence agency, 2017) Between civil wars and multiple secessionist movements the government was over ran by groups of militias and tribes that have banded together to push out and dismember the political structure and legitimacy of the Yemeni government. The capital, and presidential compound where among the first to be overran and currently the government is still fighting to gain control from its furthest southern tip. (Central intelligence agency, 2017) Peace talks are nowhere in sight for this country’s civil war that is ongoing and devastating. Secondly, Economic distress is in a state of constant decline proving an uncertain future for Yemen. One quarter of Yemen’s population is on the brink of starvation. Yemen relies heavily on the import of food from other countries, in fact 90% of the countries food is imported to the country into ports that are being overran by the opposing forces. (Economist, 2017) Oil production is one of Yemen’s most valuable resources. With the political standoff and civil war raging there seems to be no end in sight for the disintegrating economy. Oil production is at a halt, electrical
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