History Outline: American Correctional Facilities

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Outline the history of American corrections concentrating on
a. The evolution of the penitentiary
The American state prison was developed in the 19th century. The prison, named as the national penitentiary, holding over 800 prisoners separated in cells, allowed prisoners to socialize in the course of the day. Prisoners were assigned simple tasks such as weaving. The penitentiary is still used in the modern American world but has been expanded because it was initially created to house 500 prisoners. The operations of the penitentiary were based on the system of solitary confinement (Beckett & Herbert, 2010).
b. A comparison and contrast of the Pennsylvania vs Auburn systems
An auburn system is simply known as the congregate systems. In this system, prisoners were only allowed to have close interactions during meals, prayer and work time, after which they are supposed to return to their solitary cells. Prisoners must be silent at all times. Prisoners are assigned tough tasks comprising of hard labor like road construction. In the Auburn systems, prisoners were housed based on the offence category such as murderers, repeaters, and first timers. Prisoners wore uniform of different colors in accordance to the classification. The Pennsylvania is commonly referred to as the separate system fostering confinement of prisoners…
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