History Project : The Holocaust

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History Project The Holocaust Narrative On January 30th 1933 Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany, Jews in Europe were gradually subjected to stricter persecution. The Holocaust started because a biological racism and anti-Semitism was developed by the Nazis, the Jewish culture were seen as: Deformed beings, a specific problem to society, a problem that needed to be solved for survival of the nation. Hitler believed and made to believe that the population of Germany should be lead entirely by the Aryan race. The typical Aryan being: Blonde, blue eyes, and slightly pale skin. The Nazis believed that the Aryans had the purest blood out of anyone on Earth and believed that non-Aryans were impure and even “evil”. Hitler believed that the Aryan dominance was being threatened by the Jewish people, there was a league table of all races, Aryans and Jews were at the top. How could Hitler deal with such a competitor? How could he start a race with no real threat but only true fear? Eliminate the obstacle. The wall blocking the Nazis from loyalty, strength, superiority. The small problem was, that this was just an idea in Hitler’s head and although the Nazi’s were really well known all around Germany, they didn’t have enough seats to control parliament and didn’t have a majority in terms of the number of seats because not everyone in Germany followed and supported them. The people of the Nazi party did not know of his upcoming plan. The Nazi’s party would think Hitler was
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