History, Religion Has Ruled Villages, Cities, And Empires

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Kincaid Dwyer
Roland Millare
Honors Theology III
Eucharistic Miracle
Throughout history, religion has ruled villages, cities, and empires. Thousands of laws were created as a result of religious beliefs. Many have fled countries to escape religious persecution and many have died in pursuit of their ideology. While these individuals have stood firm in faith, others have lived a life of doubt and uncertainty. Most surprising, however, would be the hesitation of belief in those monks and priests who have practiced the faith and built their lives around a Catholic existence. Catholics are notoriously known for their strong conviction in God. So it comes as a surprise that among disbelieving lay people, those of high position also struggle; particularly on the subject of transubstantiation. Because it is not physically seen, many suspect transubstantiations is an incorrect teaching. However, just as the Old and New Testament have shown, God does provide a way for those in doubt; bringing them back around to His glory. Through the Eucharist, Christ allows us to witness his miracles by turning hosts into human flesh and blood. The remarkable and miraculous stories that occurred in Luciano, Bolsena, Siena and Santarem deepen our relationship with Christ by means of the undeniable faith in sight and science. In the 8th Century, a monk performing Mass found himself deep in thought. After much speculation, this particular monk still struggled to understand how
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