History Report : Racism Towards African Americans

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Connect History Report: Racism towards African Americans

Jose Ramon Asuncion

History 111
Professor Johnson
July 1, 2016
Throughout the history of the United States, equality has never been fully reached. The rights of minorities and people of color have been challenged countlessly even to this day. Racism has been around since the dawn of man, though the new nation was created as the land of the free, many were deprived of their liberties in the founding of the United States. The United States is a land of on going innovations and improvement, from technology to transportation and health. Although the nation is moving forward in many different fields, racism and the discrimination of minorities and blacks has been one
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Overtime though racial acceptance has been slowly improving, racism towards minority groups, especially blacks, caused them to be stripped of their rights, be treated harshly, and not treated as equals starting from the past and continuing today. Since coming to the Americas blacks were stripped of their rights. They were forcefully taken to work for the profits of the white man. African Americans did not have rights they were fully controlled by their white masters “It helped to determine where they lived, how they worked, and under what conditions they could exercise their freedoms of speech, assembly and the press.” . African American slaves were completely stripped of their rights that were written in the Bill of Rights to protect the rights of “all men”. The nation built on the ideas of freedom and explicitly stating that all men are free took away the rights and liberties of the African American people for its own economic benefit. Many Americans, especially in the north, believed that slavery was wrong and treated free black men with some respect and granted them little liberties. However, in the south peoples attitudes towards African Americans were extremely racist, they completely took away the rights of all black men including those who were considered to be free. African Americans were completely stripped of their liberties and freedoms due to the racist
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