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Mr. Hinds Brief Revision Booklet:
How Successful was the League of Nations?

1 What were the main aims of the League of Nations when it was set up in 1920?

* To maintain peace. * To discourage aggression from any nation. * To encourage countries to co-operate, especially in trade. * To encourage nations to disarm. * To improve living and working conditions in all parts of the world. * To encourage international co-operation. * To encourage collective security.

2 What part did (i) the Council and (ii) the Permanent Court of Justice play in the organisation of the League of Nations?

* The Council was set up to deal with any dispute which arose between members by discussion before matters got out of hand. The
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* Behind the scenes, Mussolini worked on the Conference of Ambassadors and persuaded it to change the League’s ruling. * Italy was a great power willing to use force and as the League did not have an army it backed down. * Members of the League, especially Britain and France feared another war and therefore did not want to use force. They allowed the dispute to be settled outside the League. * A powerful Mussolini was willing to go against the League. The weak League could do nothing about this.

7: How successful was the League of Nations in the 1920s?


* Both Sweden and Finland claimed the Aaland Islands and were ready to fight. The L of N decided they should be awarded to Finland and this was accepted by Sweden. War was avoided. * Austria and Hungary faced bankruptcy after the war. The League arranged international loans to aid recovery. * Upper Silesia was a plebiscite area wanted by both Poland and Germany. The L of N decided to share the area and this was accepted.’ * The Greek-Bulgaria border was a source of tension and the Greeks invaded in 1925. * The League condemned the Greeks and pressured them to withdraw. This they did. * Refugees were aided and prisoners returned home. States were persuaded to tighten up on drug trafficking.


* Vilna was
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