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Yalta Conference The Yalta conference took place on February 1945, in a Russian resort town in Crimea, which was recently annexed by Russia in 2014. However the before the conference took place there was tension building up between the Allies and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was an ally with Germany for 2 years when they signed the Nazi-Soviet Pact; “this led the west to believe Stalin was cynical, opportunistic, power hungry, expansionist” (lecture, 1/8/16). It also took the allies a while to open up a western front, and this angered Stalin as the Soviet unions causalities kept on mounting. The conference was attended by the big three, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet Premier Joseph Stalin and U.S. President…show more content…
A series of unrest between nations created tension between the main European powers, Germany, Britain, France, and Russia, which ultimately led to WWI. In early society there was very little interaction between people and state. People were more or less born into their social classes; there was not much of a legal system. Before the French revolution there really was no sense of national identity, however after the revolution people were able to forget the pain of the revolution as Ernest Renan himself had put it. “Forgetting, I would even go so far as to say historical error, is a crucial factor in the creation of a nation, which is why progress in historical studies often constitutes a danger for [the principle of] nationality” (Renan). Napoleon improved the lives of daily citizens through his civil code or later known as the Napoleonic code. The civil code, which dealt only with the rights and relationships of private individuals, was the first and most powerful of six law codes promulgated by Napoleon” (textbook, 639). This was a major step in closing the gap between state and individuals. Governments started to create better living situations for its citizens. During the industrial revolution in the 1800’s, working conditions were very dangerous. Children also were able to work in these horrible conditions in factories. “I have heard tell of Jesus many a time. I don't
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