History : The First Brewery

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Industry Overview History: The first brewery opened in Manhattan in 1612 but the modern breweries got their beginnings in the nineteenth century. In 1810, 140 breweries were in operation and by 1873 there were over 4100 breweries. Before prohibition erased the brewery industry it had already began to decline due to consolidation and immigration bringing in different thirsts than what Americans were used to. Beer in America was thought to be a “British Ale” and in the years after massive immigration the “German lager”. The time after the civil war not only introduced different types of beer, it also increased total beer production which lead to higher per capita consumption. Prohibition occurred in 1920 which made any drink with more than…show more content…
6 Public Firms:
Boston Beer Company
Craft Brew Alliance
Current State:
Beer is the largest alcohol segment nationwide, accounting for roughly 85% of all alcohol volume sold in the United States and annually generating over $91.6 billion in retail sales. The current state of the beer industry is that demand has dropped for the overall industry. Craft Beer has all the momentum and is continuing to take sales from the bigger companies in America. Even though craft beers are on the rise overall beer sales have been in a decline. This has introduced new methods of making sales in the bigger companies. Anheuser-Busch and Molson-Coors have created their own sub companies that imitate microbrew strategies. They advertise great tasting beers that use rich ingredients. This is creating greater competition among microbrews because hundreds of microbrews are being created yearly to go along with the ones that the big companies are creating themselves. The competitive market is making it difficult for microbreweries to ever turn a profit leading to several companies closing shop every year. The overall amount of craft beer has been increasing significantly, as shown by the graph below. Major Firms:
Company Symbol Market Cap Most Recent Quarterly Revenue
Anheuser-Busch BUD 182.0 Billion 46.24 Billion
Boston Beer SAM 2.890 Billion 837.24 Million
Molson-Coors TAP 14.25 Billion 4.20 Billion
Diageo DEO 75.25 Billion 16.68
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