History: The Holocaust a Human Error Essay

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History class in itself has a specific purpose which seems to be frequently forgotten. We learn about violent and horrible events in our past, as well as life- changing and positively impacting ones. From the negative events, we learn what went wrong and how to prevent similar tragedies from happening. From the positive, we gather knowledge and comprehension of the basis of our modern society. We are a self- repairing race, analyzing every flaw and figuring out what caused it. It's an ancient practice, trial and error is human nature.

However, one of these "errors" hold a specific purpose in history classes. Similar, yet different. The Holocaust was so intesely horrific, so widespread, and such a strong point in history. Learning about it allows us to identify signs of such events and prevent them. We have developed entire vocabularies in order to recognize these. Genocide and pogram are both terms that are an example of this. They were formed in order to try to eliminate any possibility of history repeating itself. Indeed, the mere creation of words doesn't seem a legitimate measure to take, yet the impact such an action can create has the power to save lives.

Each piece of the Holocaust and WWII (World War Two) fit together, to form an overall understanding of the time period. When you dissect these, you end up with a great deal more to understand than you originally bargained for. Hitler's steps to power is one of these wonders. His early life shows how tragedy can…