History, The Patterns Of, And The Different Uses For The Individual 's Unique Fingerprint

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The term paper for this class will discuss a topic that everyone has on his or her body. That topic will cover the all important fingerprint. This paper will accomplish that by reviewing the history, the patterns of, different ways to obtain, and the different uses for the individual 's unique fingerprint. The history of the fingerprint dates back to before Christ. Before the use of fingerprints as evidence for crimes committed by criminals, they were used to scare individuals. This tactic involved using the whole hand instead of signatures. In Persia around the 14th century, a doctor, who was a government official, discovered that not two fingerprints were the same. There were two individuals who were Mercello Malpighi in 1686 and John…show more content…
Dr. Faulds also came up with a method to classify the prints that he discovered. Since the 1880 's there have been numerous advancements in the classification, identification, and obtaining the prints from various objects. (U.S. Department of Justice) The patterns of fingerprints are classified in one of the three main categories. The main categories are arches, loops, and whorls. In the arch category, you have four sub-categories. There, you have the plain, tented, radial, and ulnar arches. With the loops, you have two sun-categories; ulnar and radial. The whorl also has four sub-categories. The four sub-categories for the whorl are: plain, central pocket, double loop, and accidental whorl. In the population encountered the percentages for each pattern are: arches account for about 5%, 60 to 70% of the population has loops, and whorls account for 25 to 35%. Arches basically run from one side to the other with no backwards turn along the delta or middle of the finger. As for the loop pattern, they run to the delta and then it turns back towards or touches the line and goes back in the direction that it entered. The whorls are basically a circle or continuous lines that whorl around the delta. There are several different ways to obtain or lift a sample fingerprint off of a surface. The different techniques are patent prints, latent prints, alternate light source, cyanoacrylate or by using chemical developers. In using the patent technique, all you have to do is
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