History: Thomas Jefferson and Chapter Essay

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Kathryn Drake History 133-008 11:00 – 11:50 16 November 2011 Chapter 1 The Native Americans October 11, 1492 1. Why do we say that Columbus discovered America when there were already one hundred million people here? Even though the Indians lived hear first the Europeans did not know about them. The Europeans then started to move and discovering the “new world”, finding things that had never been seen before. It was like Columbus discovered a whole new world even though it was already there with people. 2. Describe the religious customs of the Mayas, Aztecs, Timuquans, Natchez, and Spaniards as noted in the essay. In what ways were the various customs similar? In what ways were they different? Mayas and Aztecs were…show more content…
This article is mostly bout John Woolman and his life as a Quaker. Many materials in the article I hadn’t heard before, lot little this that in most history classes you don’t learn. For instance a women has no ownership, nothing is hers, everything is her husband’s. The difference in back then and today’s society is fascinating. I couldn’t image having to fight for my rights as a woman. Chapter 5 Divided Loyalties Jonathan Boucher and the Pre-Revolutionary Crisis 1. What were Jonathan Boucher’s main criticisms of America in his early years as a colonist? What did he like about America? The two main Criticisms in Boucher early America year were over the payment of clergyman and bring American heritage to the Anglican Church. Boucher’s liked many things about America, the land, his friends, and his family was all there. 2. In what ways did Boucher contribute to colonial society and education while he was in America? Boucher’s was a minster of Hanover, a Church of England. He was rector at Saint Mary’s Parish. He is one of the founders of “The Homony Club”, were people would hold debates. He also fought against the Stamp Act, saying it was unfair, and joined American in their fight for freedom. Jonathan Boucher seems like a great man. This article may show his “good” and “bad” side, but this man fought for what
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