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History Writing Prompt 2015-2016: Prompt 2 As the Revolutionary War faded in Gunner’s memory, another image filled his mind. The smell was one they remembered from their adventures during the Revolutionary War. It was gunpowder! “Not another war”, was all Gunner could think. As Gunner looked down, he saw that they were dressed in a Union uniform…. Boom! A cannon whizzed past my ear, nearly taking off my head! I looked around and saw death, from both sides, but mainly I saw more fatalities in men dressed in Union uniforms. After retreating, the general, whose name I found out to be Ulysses S. Grant, said that we had lost this battle, the Battle of Bull Run. He said we were located in the state of Virginia, and that we were to travel south, towards this state’s capital, Richmond. For almost an entire year, we regained our strength, tended…show more content…
“Republicans don’t want slavery to spread, and southerners base their living off of the work of slaves. Without them, they wouldn’t have anyone to do the hard work for them. For that reason, the southern states started to secede,” he finished. “Wow! But how did that start the war?” Gunner asked. “Lincoln said that to try to secede was very illegal. He even went further to say that he would hold the Union together by force if he had to, so I guess that called for an army, and an army usually calls for war,” the soldier finished. “Speaking of war, get up soldiers! Today we march to Richmond to face our foes,” General McClellan said. “I have a good feeling we’ll crush those confederates!” he rallied. Knock on wood, many soldiers thought.
The union soldiers marched to Richmond and the battle began. The Union soldiers quickly lost as General Lee began a series of attacks at Beaver Dam creek, which caught them off-guard. The next six days was a basic repeat of the day before, only in a new location, with more casualties and more fatalities.
Two months later on Antietam
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