History and Development of St. Peter Lifeplan

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History and Development of St. Peter Life Plan, Inc.
( Fact-finding Report )


Leonalyn G. Valdoria
Liezel Verdera
Ederlyn Manette A. Villanueva
Niña Anjila Zamora

Roberto C. Laguatan
Subject Professor
October 11, 2012
SY 2012-2013

St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. (SPLPI) is a Pre-paid Death Care company which offers traditional and affordable life plans to all segments of the society. It was incorporated by Francisco M. Bautista on October 27, 1970. SPLPI is a charter member of the Philippine Federation of Pre-Need Plan Companies, Inc. It is registered and licensed with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and complied with all pre-need
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* Customer Service - They serve each other. They believe that everyone is a customer. It is their commitment to the plan holders, internal and external partners to be reliable-prioritizing their needs and to innovate their services. * Employee Satisfaction - Engaging their employees, associates, colleagues and partners to bring out the best in them. They are committed to care for their employee’s welfare, growth and development for that brings about a solid sense of proprietorship and pride in what they do. * Professionalism - As St. Peterians, they are objective, disciplined, ethical, respectful, fair and just in all their dealings. They present themselves well in their appearance and words.

The incessant efforts and fortitude of Francisco Bautista bore fruit when he established another company which later on provide world-class Death Care Service- the St. Peter Memorial Chapels, Inc. The main location of the said business is located at No. 296 Quezon Avenue, Roxas District, Quezon City.

St. Peter Life Plan, Inc. continued to grow until it became known nationwide. They established high-class buildings with complete facilities on different regions and provinces of the country in order to give the satisfaction-maximizing services to their customers. They hired more employees with higher salaries than before to manage their businesses and branches.

With over 40 years of experience in Death Care on 2005, St. Peter Life Plan,
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