History and Its Effects on the Future

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History and Its Effects on The Future

According to definition, History is a narrative of events in the order in which they happened with their causes and effects, a record of past events. Throughout history many events have further evolved the human race, providing different ideas, policies, political laws and ways, and even scientific advances that further pushed the boundaries of human life to where they are today. The future is very much affected by the past and this is clearly present throughout the later Middle Ages all the way to the 18th century. The achievements of this time period in religion, exploration, science, culture, and arts are some of the most important achievements throughout history. In the 1400s the demand for
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This was a very important time for religion and religious differences. When mentioning the Reformation, an invention that changed history as it was known came about, the Printing Press. Until the mid-fifteenth century, the only way in the West to reproduce any kind of text was to copy it laboriously by hand. This introduced errors or "improved" the original text as the writer saw fit, thus two different copies of the same text could read differently. Two fifteenth-century inventions revolutionized the availability of books. First, movable metal type was introduced around 1450, and after that time printed books first began to appear. Equally important, cheap manufactured paper replaced expensive sheepskin. The introduction and spread of printing throughout Europe made it much easier for peace to share their thoughts and discoveries with others. The Printing press revolutionized books and text in history because it added a more accurate way for writers, scientists, and just about anyone who writes to preserve their work in a much more accurate form and add the ability to present their works to a broader audience. As you can see the printing press was the start of something that is still used in today's society, as shown by the ability to make copies and vast publishing. In the late 1500s and through most of the 1600s a time called "The Scientific Revolution" came about in the European society. With this time came remarkable
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