Essay on History and Mechanics of Viking Warfare

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Vikings Reign In the earliest years of the Vikings, there was little history recorded due to the polytheistic views that they followed. After the Vikings converted to Christianity, there were eventually written documents created pertaining to their existence. In Viking Warfare, I.P. Stephenson states that the Vikings “first described attack took place in AD 789”(11). The Vikings were also known as Norsemen. They were great storytellers, and that is perhaps how society knows so much about them today. The stories that the Norsemen told were called Sagas. Today, Vikings are often depicted as murderous savages, but while they were not pillaging villages they were actually quite a peaceful civilization. There were three countries that Vikings …show more content…
Wooden shields could endure battles, while also not wearing out the warrior from its weight. Most of the shields only lasted one battle and were painted with various colors depending on what village the Vikings were fighting for. The Vikings wore helmets without horns on them, although that is how they have been depicted in today’s history. Typically the Vikings helmets were made out of iron with a nose guard descending down from the top of the helmet for facial protection. The higher ranked Vikings were commonly the warriors that wore the helmets. Vikings were buried with their armor and weapons, and there have not been that many helmets found with their remains. Although there has been some helmets found, it was not that common for the warriors to wear them on account of how it could become a nuisance while in battle. In Norse Warfare, Martina Sprague states, “when deciding to wear armor, the Viking warrior had to consider his maneuverability on the battlefield and the weight of the protective gear”(159). It was not that common for chain mail to be worn by the Viking warriors. This type of armor was a sign of social status, but many warriors chose not to wear it because it was uncomfortable and heavy. The Vikings also wore leather layers of clothing serving as their main form of body armor. Wearing leather under chain mail was optional but not necessary. Although armor was important it was not the Vikings main concern when it came to the