History and Misinterpretations of Islam

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Islam is a widespread religion that is represented in over fifty-seven countries around the world. Muslims primarily originated from the Middle East with great populations in Indonesia, Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. This dominant religion around the globe makes up the second largest religion behind Christianity. Much of this prevalence is due to the diversity of Islamic practices under Sunni and Shii, which vary in different parts of the world. Just as Judaism and Christianity, Islamic religion also has many common aspects in which they worship only one God who they believe is the creator of the universe, their almighty provider, and powerful leader. They believe that God created a heaven and hell to which Muslims will depart to when the world is destroyed on the Day of Judgment. The holy text of Islamic religion is the Quran, which keeps record of the revelations that God sent to his people through the prophets, the angel Gabriel, and Muhammad.
Islam is not a new religion. Muslims believe in prophets from the Bible such as Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist, as well as Jesus. It establishes the same focus of living a life abundantly according to God’s will. Muslims however, believe that Muhammad was the last revelation sent by God to be an ideal model among the Muslims so that they may learn to steer away from temptations and be led back to their one true God. Muhammad was a well respected messenger of God and announced the message of how Muslims should
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