History and Purpose of the US Constitution Essay

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When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution in 1787, the United States just had 13 states. The Founding Fathers believed that more states would want to join the Union in the future. They saw that it would be significant for new states to have the same form of government as the original states had. Since then there are now over 50 states that have similar characteristics which were developed centuries ago; although, resembling the creation of new ideas and inventions, current state government had many problems from being the way it is today, it also has many important features that benefit many people, as well as plays an important role in how American democracy and government works. The 13 original states were individual colonies…show more content…
By obligating states to recognize actions and decision taken in other states as legal and proper. In Article IV, Section 1 calls for ‘Full Faith and Credit” among states, which means that other states must respect ‘public acts”, Records and judicial proceedings” that take place in other states (Lowi, 2007, pg. 52). It also guarantees citizens of any state the privileges and immunities of every other state. For example, if were to get married in California then that marriage must be recognized in any other state I might choose to relocate to. Yet, there have been issues with gay marriage. Congress passed a law in 1996 which emphasizes that all states must not recognize gay marriage, even though some states have passed laws that approve gay marriages. Of course there will always be issues and contradictions to this system (Lowi, 2007, pg. 51). State governments are set up through state constitution, which usually have four sections. These sections are the: preamble which states the purpose and that the authority of the government comes from the people. Another section is the bill or declaration of rights which includes many of the same rights as in the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights. To expand on this the states constitution are different due to the fact that many voter initiatives take the form of a constitutional amendment. States constitution varies in length and sizes. In fact California's constitution is one of
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