History and Relocation of Native Americans Essay

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1. Trace the history of relocation and Indian reservations. In what ways did reservations destroy Native American cultures, and in what ways did reservations foster tribal identities? Be sure to account for patterns of change and consistency over time. When one hears the word “relocation”, I assume, they think of taking one thing exactly as it was and placing it in a different location, but placing it as it was and with the same resources. Relocation is a loaded term because before the word relocation came about settlers of early America were forcefully pushing native peoples off their homelands; they just didn’t have the term “relocation”. In 1838 Mireau B. Lamar, president of the Republic of Texas, “initiated a policy of ethnic…show more content…
The whole point of the meeting was to come to an agreement over disputes of land claims between colonies and Indian nations including the Iroquois. Though, through trickery, the Iroquois had ceded to the colonies land “from sea to sea”.2(p. 187) This meant land from the Ohio Valley all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Needless to say the Indians involved were disappointed and angered. The Royal Proclamation was the next advancement in the idea of “relocation.” The Royal Proclamation, made by the British, was an intangible line drawn to separate Indian lands from colonial lands. This was made to please the Indians, but also served as a way to contain and control its own peoples within the colonies. I point this out as a step towards relocation because, one of the first steps is: knowing where something can be moved from and then moved to. When a solid border is made of land that is known, by all parties involved, of whose is whose, then half of the process is accomplished. I mean by this: if the party, not yet aware of possibly being moved again, they will not try to occupy what the other party has defined as their lands because there is the belief that the same will be reciprocated from the latter party. Therefore, not as much attention is needed by the British to defend the land that is understood to be in possession of the British, and more
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