History and Rolls of Law Enforcement in America

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Policing Trends and Issues
Nicole Fox
Westwood College

This research project is an analysis of six scenarios. The scenarios are as follows: History and rolls of law enforcement in society, Levels of jurisdiction, Distinction among the multiple functions of Law enforcement agencies, Analysis of Historical events that have shaped modern policing practices, Ethical and professional behavior in the workplace, and Evaluation of how knowledge, skills, and attitude learned in this course apply to your chosen career. There will also be a summary of reactions on Ethical and professional behavior in the work place. Included in the second section, there will be six scenarios. The responses will incorporate knowledge of
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In a community this small a citizen watch made more since then a paid police force. People volunteered to be "Town Crier". They were part journalist, police officer, and part neighborhood watch captain. These community volunteers would patrol the streets at night. Keeping an eye on what 's happening and spreading the news. Saying things like "Nine o 'clock and all is well", the town crier would warn people of external threats, too. Men in that era would often resort to dueling to settle disputes. Attempts to move personal conflicts into the court system often held counter to the widely held belief that honorable men should handle their differences privately. Yet as the population grew communities often found that they could no longer relay solely on informal social control and unpaid volunteers. By 1760 the number of colonist had grown to 1.5 million, and within the next 30 years it has grown to almost 4 million. As the population exploded people would turn to a more formal Criminal Justice system with a paid police force, prosecutors, and judges. At the same time some who lived outside the eastern seaboard cities face different challenges pertaining to public order and safety. The Westward expansion had its own dynamic while eastern cities had police departments with police chiefs that were appointed by city mayors. The west had sheriffs, who were chosen by the people. Instead of a paid police force the
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