History and Social Science Annotated Biblio and Critical Analysis Paper

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Annotated Bibliography and Critical Analysis Paper
Cheirieamour Smith
November 29, 2010
David White Theme: The Thirteen Colonies
Grade: 4 (b) Knowledge and skills.
(1) History. The student understands the causes and effects of European colonization in the United States. The student is expected to:
(A) explain when, where, and why groups of people colonized and settled in the United States

Annotated Bibliography
Fradin, D. B. (2006). Turning Points in US History: Jamestown, Virginia. New York, NY:
Benchmark Books.
Summary: This book describes how European settlers colonized America and founded the first colony of the New World, Jamestown. The book explores the life of the settlers in Jamestown and the
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To help with emerging oneself into the text, the author uses photographs and illustrations from living museums and authentic historical reenactments to show how colonial people lived in the 1600 and 1700s. The author does not just make mention of names of those who come over to settle into the New World but tells how and why the New World was settled. The author is very detailed in describing how things were for the settlers. The author even includes the hardships settlers and their families faced when they arrived in the New World such as the death of many settlers due to illness. There is so much information in the book and the author provides the reader with questions to begin each new topic in the book. This will help readers with critical thinking. The book has colored sidebars with even more interesting information and historical facts about colonial times and activities to try with the class.

McGovern, A. (1992). If You Lived In Colonial Times (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Scholastic.
Summary: This book talks about what life was like in colonial times for young girls and boys. It describes what living conditions were like in the New England colonies, what type of clothing girls and boys wore, where they went to school, their habits and manners, how they played, their houses, and food they ate. This is a good book to help with introducing how America came about to young learners and beginning readers. This book will help students

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