History and Usage of Social Media

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History and usage of social media Introduction Technology used either web-based or mobile based to turn everyday communication into interactive communication is referred to as social media. The interactive communication can be between individuals, communities and organizations. The exchange and creation of user-generated content using any technology that supports technological and ideological foundations of web 2.0 can also be referred to as social media(Allan & Brown, 2010). Technologies for social media are in different forms namely wikis, internet forums, social blogs, podcasts, magazines, weblogs, social bookmarking, videos, and photographs. The different types of social media are content communities, blogs, virtual social worlds, social networking sites, collaborative projects, and virtual game worlds. The functional building blocks of social media, which help in understanding the engagement needs, are conversations, identity, presence, reputation, groups, relationships and sharing. History of social media Social media dates back to late 1970's, when bulletin boards system was invented by Randy Suess and ward Christensen. The purpose of the boards was to inform their friends of meetings, share information, and make announcements. This was the early stage of a virtual community. 1993 saw the arrival of the Mosaic web browser which led to the emergence of World Wide Web or internet in 1994(Shneiderman, 2009). Path to the current day social media sites was laid down
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