History and the Novel 1984

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Totalitarianism is defined as a political system of government in which those in power have complete control and do not allow people to oppose them. Those in power are a single party dictatorship in which one party controls state, and all other parties are forbidden. Other important features that distinguish or help define totalitarianism include restricted or eliminated constitutional rights, state terrorism, and totalitarian rulers are known as ideological dictators. The government of Oceania, in the novel 1984, is an example of totalitarian society. Germany, under Adolf Hitler's National Socialism is another example of totalitarianism. Orwell's Oceania has both similarities and differences to the totalitarian states of the…show more content…
This relates to World War Two, as Jews were the principle group of people persecuted by the Nazis. Although some characteristic of a totalitarian state is similar between Oceania and National Socialism, there are also differences. Both The Party and Hitler used propaganda, however it is clear that The Parties means of propaganda were stricter through the use of telescreens. In a totalitarian government, the leader, or dictator must oppress the people, and make sure they do not think they are being oppressed. One way that this is done in the novel is by rewriting history as time progressed. Hitler on the other hand did not go to such extreme measures. Another difference between Hitler's National Socialism and Oceania was the citizens of Oceania, all the citizens no matter what your background was or what religion was were accepted in the Oceania society. While Hitler segregated the Jews and Gypsies from the Germans to create the ultimate Aryan race. The government of Oceania has characteristics of and is clearly a totalitarian state, which is both similar and different to Hitler's National Socialism. It is scary to think of a society like the one in the novel 1984, and even scarier to realize that in twentieth century history there were societies that compare to the one in Oceania. It really makes one think how lucky we are to live in a society in which we have the freedom to live as we

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