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1. A series of events and conditions existed in the Old World at the dawn of the fifteenth century that made New World exploration not only possible but desirable. Identify these events and conditions, and explain how each helped set the stage for exploration. a. Isabella avoids an arranged marriage by King Henry, her step brother, that would limit her power. She marries King Ferdinand, ruler of land in Northern Spain, in 1469. b. Isabella becomes queen after King Henry, a ruler that not made many enemies among the nobility and clergy, dies 1474. c. Isabella and Ferdinand start a new campaign known as the Reconquest to eliminate Muslim strong holds and to purify Christianity in the region. d. During that time, Christopher Columbus was…show more content…
The Europeans had kidnapped the native women and raped them. The natives them killed the remaining Europeans in revenge. Columbus made a couple more trips to the New World before he died. c. Columbus’ trip to this new land spurred other European countries to take their own voyages out west and claim new lands. England landed in Newfoundland, a different Spanish expedition landed in northern South America with an Italian business man named Amerigo Vespucci. Portugal sent their own voyage that landed them in Brazil. d. Once word got out in Europe that Columbus’ discovery was more than just a small land mass on the way to Asia, and more of a new continent, different rulers set out to try and map this new land. In 1507, a German cartographer was the first to map the land mass separate from Asia and names the land AMERICA in honor of Amerigo Vespucci. e. Several other expeditions by Spain confirmed the speculation on another body of water between “America” and Asia. Magellan made the voyage from Spain to America, then through Panama all the way to Asia. He lost 4 of his 5 ships and 232 of his 250 men but confirmed everyone’s ideas of a new body of land and ocean. f. The Columbian Exchange was a transatlantic trade of goods from the New World to the Old World. This brought both good and bad things to both sides of the world. Diseases such as small
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