History is not important in Intercultural Relations Essay

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“History is not important in Intercultural Relations”. Discuss
Intercultural relation is concerns and issues about to understand, communicate, and accomplish goals with foreigner in foreign culture. One of the major issues in intercultural relation is culture. The foundation of culture was shaped by human history. Therefore, different culture of communication between county to country may understand with different meanings. This essay will discuss that history is or not important in intercultural relation by considering several aspects: firstly, discuss German nationalism affected the relation between the European in early 20th century, secondly, the post first world war issues in the Paris Peace Conference, Lastly, the comment from the
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On the other hand, culture is formed with wide variety aspects, not only history. For example, language is one of the biggest problems for foreign people understand. “The biggest problem with the word culture is that nobody seems to know exactly what it means, or rather, that it means very different things to different people.” (Scollon. R, Scollon.S.W, Jones.R.H, 2011). In addition, the news about the India crime chief causes outrage with ‘if you can’t prevent rape, you enjoy it’ comment (India crime chief causes outrage, 2013). It is hard for foreigner to understand the situation and the feeling about India rape problem, and this comment may produce negative feeling for the world-wide people. However, Indian may feel normal for this comment, because rape is one of the common crimes in India’s history.
In conclusion, History is one of the important issues in intercultural relation. In 19th and 20th century had shown several historic incidents affected the intercultural relation. For example, the sparked of two world war were happened by the unforgettable history between the European powers. However, intercultural relation shows not only the history affect the relation. Word can also lead to conflict or misunderstand tension, because word can translate into different meaning by different translators. At last, word may not lead the major conflict, but history can. Therefore, history is important on intercultural relations.
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