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History of Advertising

The earliest form of advertising was simply people receiving information about goods and services by word of mouth from traders. Word of mouth advertising was used throughout the centuries and still is today, but something was introduced in the 15th century that would revolutionise the way of life. In the 15th century the printing press was introduced. In Europe printing was introduced in the 15th century, that movable type was reinvented by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany. From there printing spread to Italy, France, and England, where it was introduced by William Caxton. In England the first printing press was located at Westminister.
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Bill posting was a popular and cheap way of advertising. Many people in big towns were employed into sticking posters onto walls around the towns, often covering other ads. Also another way of advertising was to use people to carry posters around all day. These people were called sandwich-board men. As competition increased, advertisers began to experiment with different ways of printing adverts. Advertisers wanted to attract the most attention so people would buy their product. A few ways of attracting attention were to have a striking first line, bold headlines, or repeated claims were all favoured devices. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Even so, it was not until the latter half of the 19th century that advertising really began, not only to grow far more rapidly, but also to take on its now familiar forms. Several factors contributed to this sudden expansion. The Industrial Revolution had begun to concentrate production into fewer hands because machines could mass-produce in less time. Correspondingly, the producers need to advertise their products because the machines were very expensive and needed to compensate for them. A rise in general income and literacy had led to an increase in the circulation of the newspapers, which in turn made them far more attractive as an advertising medium.
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