History of Afghanistan and Pakistan

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Historically Afghanistan and Pakistan have had a good relationship. During the 1980s, Afghan refugees used the Durand Line border to flee the soviet takeover of their country. With funds aid from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Pakistan hosted over 3 million Afghans at various refugee camps. In 1999, the United States gave $70 million in assistance to Afghan refugees in Pakistan. Pakistan also became the major training ground for the Mujahideen rebel fighters who fought against the Soviet-backed Afghan government and the invading Soviet forces. The Mujahedeen included not only locals but also Arabs and others from over 40 different Islamic nations. A religious extremist group known as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan’s government after the soviet withdrawal and established friendly relations with neighboring Pakistan. Pakistan used the Taliban to attack Indian interests in Afghanistan, however after the overthrow of the Taliban in late 2001 by the United States and allies, Afghan-Pakistani relations became strained.
India views Afghanistan as a means of access to Central Asian trade and energy resources, as well as a means of advancing its own broader domestic and regional interest. Central Asia is one of the fastest growing markets in the world; and economic activity in the region has had steady growth , expanding at about 6 percent per year(imf,2014). Growth in the Central Asian region has mainly been driven by strong domestic demand, oil,
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